Item/Item ShopEdit

These are a list of Items that can be purchased from the Item Shop.

Name Level Copper Description
HP Potion (LV1) 1 100 Increase 100 HP instantly
HP Potion (LV2) 10 100 Increase 350 HP instantly
HP Potion (LV3) 20 300 Increase 1100 HP instantly
MP Potion (LV1) 1 100 Increase 80 MP instantly
MP Potion (LV2) 10 300 Increase 80 MP instantly
MP Potion (LV3) 1 300 Increase 550 MP instantly
Teleport Stone 1 1000 Basic transportation tool, a residuum from a secret teleport skill developed after generations
Substitute Puppet 1 5000 If you die and if you used it, you will not lose your exp
Stealth Reel 1 100 It can make you invisible but only for 1 minutes

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